@section tag

This tag starts a new documentation section which must be ended by an @end section tag. Many section levels can be nested.

Sections may be processed differently depending on output format and section flags. The following section flags are available:

  • T : The section must appear in the table of contents.

  • t : The section must appear in local tables of contents (see @insert tag localtoc).

  • P : The section must be written on a separate page.

  • H : The section must have a quick link in pages header (html output).

  • N : The section must generate a texinfo node, enabled by T.

  • U : The section is unnumbered, default when T and t are not used.

  • e : The section must be suppressed from output if it has no content.

An extra argument may be passed to declare the new section as the reference documentation section for the specified C++ symbol.

Syntax [link] 

@section [<flags>] {<title>} [{<identifier>}]

Example [link] 

@section T {Introduction}
@section {Features}
@end section

@section {License}
@end section
@end section
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