2 Tutorial

2.1 Quick start [link] 

Using MkDoc is simple and doesn't need specific installation, see the Install section.

To start using MkDoc on your code, cd into your C or C++ project directory and create an initial documentation directory by using the --bootstrap option. Several profiles are available to create the initial documentation:

$ mkdoc --bootstrap c # for C projects
$ mkdoc --bootstrap cxx # for C++ projects

You can then invoke mkdoc with header files or directories as arguments:

$ mkdoc -I src/include header1.h header2.h ...

It will parse your header files and generate the documentation.

You may now edit the doc/mkdoc.conf file to change or add configuration options and edit the doc/*.mkdoc files to change the default document layout and write your plain documentation. Then just execute MkDoc again.

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