1 Install

1.1 Requirements [link] 

MkDoc have the following dependencies:

  • perl 5.10

  • convert utility from ImageMagick package to handle logo and @image tag.

MkDoc have the following optional dependencies:

  • pdflatex, pdfcrop and pdftoppm to handle math formulas generated by the @math tag.

  • Image::Size perl module to allow insertion of pictures in rtf format output.

  • LWP::UserAgent and HTTP::Request perl modules to allow fetching online external declaration files.

1.2 Execution [link] 

Using MkDoc is simple and doesn't need specific installation steps; just put the distribution src directory in your PATH environment variable and you are done.

1.3 GNU Emacs mode [link] 

MkDoc comes with a mode for GNU emacs. This mode allows convenient editing of plain documentation (.mkdoc) files.

Installation [link] 

The mkdoc.el file is located in the extra/ directory in the MkDoc distribution.

To manually load the file, use:

M-x load-file

You can add the following code to your ~/.emacs file in order to automatically load the file when GNU EMacs starts:

(load "/path/to/mkdoc.el")

Key bindings [link] 

The following key bindings are available:

  • TAB : indent current line and display matching begin tag if any. Use on blank lines toggles between empty line and current indentation level.

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