6.1 Html output

The html output driver produces strict xhtml 1.0 source from internal DOM tree. Output is written in doc/html directory.

This is the default driver, this can be changed using the doc_format option.

Files customization [link] 

Some files are automatically copied to the doc_path directory when you first use this driver. These files can be modified to suite your needs:

  • A default style sheet file is written in doc/html/mkdoc.css file. Alternative css files are available in the MkDoc distribution and can be copied by using the html_css option, see below.

  • The title template Html source is written in doc/html_title.tmpl. This source is used when encountering the @insert tag title tag.

The @group tag used with style names will produce <span class="name"> html tag in output.

Related configuration [link] 

Some configurations options are useful when using the Html output driver:

  • single_output_file option enables writing the whole document in a single Html file rather than splitting at some section boundaries (see P flag of @section tag).

  • html_use_hr option enables use of horizontal rulers at split points when in single output file mode.

  • html_single_js option can be used to embed the whole document in a single html file. It uses javascript for navigation so that only one page section is displayed at once, as if multiple files were generated.

  • titled_refs option enables use of section names as html file names, except for the document top file which is always written in index.html. Numbered file names of the form nodeX.html will be used when this option is disabled.

  • html_header_links and html_footer_links options to enable quick links on each page (see H flag of @section tag).

  • html_navlinks option enables Top, Next and Previous navigation links in page header and footer.

  • html_nestlinks option enables current sections path navigation links in page header and footer.

  • html_embed_css option can be used to force inclusion of the css content in the generated html files instead of relying on a separate css file.

  • html_css option can be used used to copy one of the css file available in the distribution to the doc/mkdoc.css output file.

  • html_css_optimize option enables discarding all html <div> and <span> tags which are not used in css file. This can be disabled when editing a style sheet.

  • html_index_columns option sets the number of columns used to format the index written with @insert tag index. A value of 0 disables use of html table for index output.

Html configuration options can be set from the Css file using the following syntax:

/* mkdoc-config: html_option_name value */
/* mkdoc-config: html_nestlinks 1 */
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