6.3 Texinfo output

The texinfo output driver produces GNU Texinfo source from internal DOM tree. Output is written in doc/texinfo directory.

Use of this driver can be enforced using the doc_format option either in the doc/mkdoc.conf file or on the command line with --doc-format texinfo.

Customization [link] 

A default texinfo_head.tmpl file is automatically copied to the doc_path directory when you first use this driver.

This file is used as the Texinfo document header and can be modified to suite your needs.

Some special tokens of the form @@doc_token@@ are replaced by associated configuration values in the Texinfo header file. This allows inserting title, author name and other such things. If an associated configuration value is not defined, the whole line containing the token is discarded.

Generated document [link] 

The output Texinfo source is written in doc/texinfo/doc.texi file by default. This can be changed with the output_filename and output_path configuration options.

The generated file must be further processed with Texinfo processing tools like makeinfo. The following example shows how to use makeinfo to generate and display an info file:

mkdoc --doc-format texinfo
cd doc/texinfo
makeinfo -o doc.info doc.texi
info doc.info
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