6.5 Man page output

The man output driver produces Man page from internal DOM tree suitable for viewing with the unix man command.

Use of this driver can be enforced using the doc_format option either in the doc/mkdoc.conf file or on the command line with --doc-format man.

Generated document [link] 

The output top text file is written in doc/man3/doc.3 file by default. This can be changed with the output_filename, output_path and man_section configuration options. The titled_refs option enables use of section names as file names for other files.

The single_output_file option enables writing the whole document in a single man page file rather than splitting at some section boundaries (see P and L flags of @section tag tag).

The following example shows how to generate and display a man page file on GNU/Linux:

mkdoc --doc-format man --single-output-file 1
man -M doc/ doc

API man pages [link] 

One often want to generate a single man page for each function in the API. The cman bootstrap profile contains template files to do this, see the bootstrap configuration option.

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