@ref tag

This tag can be used to insert a reference to a symbol.

The default link text is the fully or partially qualified non-ambiguous identifier name depending on configuration and code scope of documented symbol. An alternative link text can be provided.

See also @scope tag and @cref tag.

Syntax [link] 

@ref <identifier> [{<link text>}]
@ref {<identifier>} [{<link text>}]

See also Symbol identifiers.

Example [link] 

@module {Foo bar}
This is an integer with same name as @ref #foo macro,
part of the @ref {+Foo bar} module.

int foo;

/** This is a macro with same name as @ref foo variable,
declared in @ref {@foo.h} header. */

#define foo

Usage of the @ref tag with C++ scopes:

/** This is the global @ref foo function, which is different
from the @ref C::foo function found in class @ref C. */

void foo();

/** This class contains the @ref foo function. */
class C
/** This function does not use the global @ref ::foo function. */
void foo();
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