@mgroup tag

This tag specifies a custom member group for a declaration. Default is to group declarations in members list using predefined categories according to symbol type and access level. This tag can be used to declare a custom member group and list the declaration in that group.

See also @mgrouporder tag.

Syntax [link] 

@mgroup {<group name>}

Example [link] 

These declarations:

class MGroup

typedef int foo_type_t;

int foo();
int bar();

/** @mgroup {Accessors} */
int get_a() const;

/** @mgroup {Accessors} */
void set_a(int a);

generate the following members list for the MGroup class:

Type [link] 

  • typedef [...] foo_type_t

Functions [link] 

  • int bar()
  • int foo()

Accessors [link] 

  • int get_a() const
  • void set_a(int a)
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