We use a small ccd video camera and a 50mW 2.4GHz video transmitter from blackwidowav. For recording, we use a DV camcorder with an analog input. The audio (telemetry) is also simultaneously recorded to allow post-flight video synchronization. During the flight, the dv link allows to watch the video real-time on the laptop while the camcorder records it. It also allows to do "on the fly" captures if you want to focus on a detail during flight.

There are videos taken by the paparazzi during the "journées micro drone 2003" here. You can see the target (white spot) that we localized.

We are working on creating map or even textures for 3D terrain models from the video.

Once we have the ETA ready, we intend to take the camcorder in the air and expect to increase the quality of images.