Ground station software

We have programs to retrieve, store and display telemetry data sent by the Paparazzi.


cockpit screen shot
Early version of the cockpit.


3d map

Configuration editor

ground programs
This is a preliminary GUI for editing settings (airframe, radio transmitter, peripherals).

Settings are stored in xml files.

The GUI also allows to run different hardware tests and calibration programs.

Data analysis


This app will let you plot flight telemetry parameters according to the protocol description given in the messages.xml configuration files.

Hardware in the loop simulator

We have a hardware in the loop simulator which can be used to test airborne programs and up to a certain point to tune navigation algorithms. There should (will :) ) be a GUI to handle parameters (environment/ flight model / sensor response).

Mission editor

We are working on a mission editor. There is a preliminary version in the CVS. It produces a xml description which is then used to generate code for the airborne MCU.

Speech synthesizer

The festival speech synthesizer can be used to read checklist or alarms. This can be very useful for operating the airframe alone. It will for example tell you when your battery is getting low.