Free UAV Projects

autopilot: something much more sophisticated. They fly an heli... This code runs on Rotomotion hardware.

Tech info and papers

futaba1024 PCM encoding by Trammel Hudson.

Francis Thobois is a radio control guru and his homepage has lots of interesting stuff.

"Minimum complexity UAV guidance and flight control system" by Eric N. Johnson, Aaron D. Kahn (yes, the one from autopilot.) and others : a GPS only flight controller.

"Horizon sensing autopilot" by Taylor, Bil and Watkins: Great results on infrared horizon sensing.

Introduction to Mobile Robots by Alonzo Kelly. This course is intended for senior undergraduates and graduate students who need a comprehensive background in the fundamentals of mobile robots.

A technical guide to building fighting robots by Paul Hills. Great course on motors, ESC, EMC, RF, batteries, electronics etc...

Commercial UAV autopilot makers

Cloud Cap Technology sells the MPC555 based Piccolo autopilot and the Crista IMU. Their download section has a lot of good documentation.

Micropilot sells an autopilot.

O navi sells a range of IMU and a Motorola based autopilot.

Rotomotion specializes in rotary wings. It sells a range of IMU, autopilots and turnkey UAVs. Their controller board and AHRS can run the free software autopilot code but their turnkey systems run a proprietary code.

Parts Suppliers

Pyrénées Modèles is a fine model aircraft shop in Toulouse, France. They offered us the brushless gear for the maxi-kiool.

Blackwidowav sells 2.4GHz video sets and cameras.

Melexis makes the thermopiles we use for attitude sensing.

Radiospares sells electronic components in small quantities. Be prepared for a shock when you'll look at prices :)

Ublox sells the GPS receivers that we use. For french people, micropuissance will provides these parts in small quantities.

Wolfgang Rompel's tech shop is back online and has all sort of AVRs. Great service, great price.

Radiohound sells melexys thermopiles in small quantities and with small prices.

UAV general informations

K. Raven has a nice page with lots of military UAV pictures and data.

USICO ( UAV Safety Issues for Civil Operations ) European commission board on civil UAV safety.

UVS international an industrial board - registration required.

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