Once again, it is a nice little airframe sold by Multiplex for 70 euros.

It is made of EPP foam, has a wingspan of 60cm and weights 420g (with GPS, camera and everything).

We use an electronic model tweety speed brushless motor and a 3S1P 1200mah lipo battery pack.

With this setup, airspeed is around 15m/s (we hope to get much more in a near future) and flight duration over 30 minutes. It flies level with 25% throttle ( I told you we're going to fly faster). It still flies very well with an airspeed as low as 7-8m/s.

It is a little more tricky than the twinstar to hand launch, but not that difficult due to the comfortable power to weight ratio. We are working on bungee launch for fool-proof takeoff.

This aircraft is very compact and very resistant too. I don't think that you will be able to break it in flight (no, in-flight collisions don't count).

There is nothing to reinforce : the airframe is good as is. Just don't use the provided speed400 motor which is too heavy and really unable to do justice to this wonderful little thing. I've heard a lot of good things about the Torcman TM200 baby (free advertisement). I don't recommend the tweety as the threaded shaft prevents accurate propeller centering, which in my opinion is crucial at 16000 rpm.

First Microjet with GPS module glued outside.

Second Microjet with GPS in the right wing.

Inside Microjet 2 : from nose to tail, rc receiver, infrared thermometer and battery pack, controller board, motor controller, motor.

Closer view of the same.

One more for the road.

Bottom view.

video of a crash bungee launch
bungee crash.