Simple C Expat Wrapper (SCEW)  1.1.7
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*attribute.hSCEW attribute's handling routines
o*bool.hSCEW boolean type declaration
o*element.hSCEW element's handling routines
o*error.hSCEW error handling functions
o*export.hSCEW shared library support
o*list.hSCEW general list implementation
o*parser.hSCEW parser handling routines
o*printer.hSCEW printer routines for XML output
o*reader.hSCEW reader common functions
o*reader_buffer.hSCEW reader functions for memory buffers
o*reader_file.hSCEW reader functions for files
o*scew.hSCEW main header file
o*str.hSCEW string functions
o*tree.hSCEW tree handling routines
o*writer.hSCEW writer common functions
o*writer_buffer.hSCEW writer functions for memory buffers
\*writer_file.hSCEW writer functions for files