Simple C Expat Wrapper (SCEW)  1.1.7
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parser.h File Reference

SCEW parser handling routines. More...

#include "export.h"
#include "bool.h"
#include "reader.h"
#include "tree.h"
#include <expat.h>
#include <stdio.h>

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typedef struct scew_parser scew_parser
 This is the type declaration of the SCEW parser.
typedef scew_bool(* scew_parser_load_hook )(scew_parser *, void *, void *)
 SCEW parser hooks might be used as notifications to know when XML elements or trees are parsed. More...


SCEW_API scew_parserscew_parser_create (void)
 Creates a new parser. More...
SCEW_API scew_parserscew_parser_namespace_create (XML_Char separator)
 Creates a new parser with namespaces support. More...
SCEW_API void scew_parser_free (scew_parser *parser)
 Frees a parser memory structure. More...
SCEW_API scew_treescew_parser_load (scew_parser *parser, scew_reader *reader)
 Loads an XML tree from the specified reader. More...
SCEW_API scew_bool scew_parser_load_stream (scew_parser *parser, scew_reader *reader)
 Loads multiple XML trees from the specified stream reader. More...
SCEW_API void scew_parser_reset (scew_parser *parser)
 Resets the given parser for further uses. More...
SCEW_API void scew_parser_set_element_hook (scew_parser *parser, scew_parser_load_hook hook, void *user_data)
 Registers a hook to be called once an XML element is successfully parsed. More...
SCEW_API void scew_parser_set_tree_hook (scew_parser *parser, scew_parser_load_hook hook, void *user_data)
 Registers a hook to be called once an XML tree is successfully parsed. More...
SCEW_API void scew_parser_ignore_whitespaces (scew_parser *parser, scew_bool ignore)
 Tells the parser how to treat white spaces. More...
SCEW_API XML_Parser scew_parser_expat (scew_parser *parser)
 Returns the internal Expat parser being used by the given SCEW parser. More...

Detailed Description

SCEW parser handling routines.

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