Simple C Expat Wrapper (SCEW)  1.1.7
Here is a list of all modules:
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oAttributesSCEW provides functions to access and manipulate the attributes of an element
|oAllocationAllocate and free attributes
|oComparisonAttribute comparison routines
|oAccessorsAccess attributes' data, such as name and value
|\HierarchyHandle attribute's hierarchy
oElementsElement related functions
|oAllocationAllocate and free elements
|oSearch and iterationIterate and search for elements
|oComparisonElement comparison routines
|oAccessorsAccess elements' data, such as name and contents
|oHierarchyHandle element's hierarchy
|\AttributesHandle element's attributes
oErrorsThese are SCEW error functions which return error codes and strings
|oCodes and descriptionsSCEW internal error codes and associated descriptions
|\Expat errorsRoutines to access Expat internal error information
oListsThis is a generic list implementation currenlty used by element's children and attributes, though, as a generic list, it can be used with any other type of data
|oAllocationAllocate and free new lists
|oAccessorsAccess lists' data and information
|oModifiersAdd and remove items from lists
|oTraverseTraverse list items
|\SearchSearch for list items
oParserThese are the parser functions that allow reading XML documents from a given SCEW writer (file, memory...)
|oAllocationAllocate and free a parser
|oLoadLoad XML documents from different sources
|\AccessorsObtain information from parser
oInput/OutputThe SCEW I/O system is based on SCEW Readers, Writers and Printer
|oPrinterA SCEW printer provides a set of routines to send XML data to a given SCEW writer
||oAllocationAllocate and free printers
||oPropertiesSet printer properties
||\OutputA set of routines to print XML data
|oReadersRead data from different sources: files, memory, etc
||oMemoryRead data from memory buffers
||\FilesRead data from files
|\WritersWrite data to different destinations: files, memory, etc
| oMemoryWrite data to memory buffers
| \FilesWrite data to files
oText utilitiesThis module defines a set of functions to work with text strings
\TreesTree related functions
 oAllocationAllocate and free XML trees
 oComparisonTree comparison routines
 oPropertiesHandle XML trees properties
 \ContentsAccessors for XML root elements and preambles