Simple C Expat Wrapper (SCEW)  1.1.7
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writer.h File Reference

SCEW writer common functions. More...

#include "export.h"
#include "tree.h"
#include "attribute.h"
#include "bool.h"
#include <expat.h>
#include <stddef.h>

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Data Structures

struct  scew_writer_hooks
 This is the set of functions that are implemented by all SCEW writers. More...


typedef struct scew_writer scew_writer
 This is the type delcaration for SCEW writers.


SCEW_API scew_writerscew_writer_create (scew_writer_hooks const *hooks, void *data)
 Creates a new SCEW writer with the given scew_writer_hooks implementation. More...
SCEW_API void * scew_writer_data (scew_writer *writer)
 Returns the reference to the internal data structure being used by the given writer. More...
SCEW_API size_t scew_writer_write (scew_writer *writer, XML_Char const *buffer, size_t char_no)
 Writes data from the given memory buffer to the specified writer. More...
SCEW_API scew_bool scew_writer_end (scew_writer *writer)
 Tells whether the given writer has reached its end. More...
SCEW_API scew_bool scew_writer_error (scew_writer *writer)
 Tells whether an error was found while sending data to the given writer. More...
SCEW_API scew_bool scew_writer_close (scew_writer *writer)
 Closes the given writer. More...
SCEW_API void scew_writer_free (scew_writer *writer)
 Frees the memory allocated by the given writer. More...

Detailed Description

SCEW writer common functions.

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