Free High School Science Texts

Free High School Science Texts
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What is the Free High School Science Textbook?
The FHSST is the contribution of a group of young scientists towards furthering science education in South Africa. We aim to provide a free science textbook for Grades 10 - 12 to all South African learners.

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Status: Maths

Chapter Section Subsection Status
"Functions and Relations: Graphs  
"Linear Programming  
"The Quadratic Function  
"Quadratic Equations and Inequalities  
"Theory of Quadratic Equations  
"Compound Increase and Decrease  
""Compound Increase 
""Compound Decrease 
""Loan Repayments 
"Logarithms: Functional Logarithms  
""Introduction to Logarithms 
""Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 
""Symmetry in Functions 
""Inverse Function and the Inverse Method 
""The Exponential Function 
"Sequence and Series: Geometric and Arithmetic  
""The Geometric Mean 
""Geometric Series 
""Sn Notation 
""Other Problems involving Geometric Series 
"Sequence and Series: Infinite Geometric Series (HG)  
""Arithmetic Sequence 
""The Sum of Arithmetic Series 
""The Arithmetic Mean 
""Sigma Notation 
""Arithmetic Sequence and Series Exam Questions 
""Geometric Sequence and Series  
""Sequence and Series Exam Questions 
"Areas and Altitudes of Triangles  
"Proportionality Theorems  
"Similarity of Polygons  
"Similar Triangles  
"Applications of Differential Calculus  
""Average Gradient 
""First Principals 
""Differential Rules 
""Equations of a Tangent 
"Differential Calculus  
""f(x) Notation 
"General Calculus  
""Rules of Differentiation 
""Sketching the Graph 
""Graphic Interpretation