Free High School Science Texts

Free High School Science Texts
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What is the Free High School Science Textbook?
The FHSST is the contribution of a group of young scientists towards furthering science education in South Africa. We aim to provide a free science textbook for Grades 10 - 12 to all South African learners.

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The Free High School Science Texts project is a above all a collaborative effort. It is centrally administered, managed and grown, but we need your help to make it a success. We realise that no single person has enough time to spend days and weeks writing a free textbook. What we propose is to combine many small contributions into a quality text. Here is how we can accomplish our goals with a team effort:


Step 1: Core content

Use many small contributions to get the core content. Here we ask many people to contribute small sections, notes or worked examples that they have and are willing to allow us to include. Every contributor will be credited as an author. For an idea of contributions, see our sample essays.

Step 2: Flow

Once we have contributions we will edit every section for flow and consistency. Once this is complete we will have a rough draft textbook.

Step 3: Outcomes-based layout and focus

Members of the University of Cape Town Education Department will work through the entire text editing and ensuring that the book meets outcomes-based criteria and is pitched at the correct level.

Step 4: Credentials

Guest editors who study science education will then edit the chapters.

Step 5: Fundraising

The book will include line drawings and so can be printed in black and white. Due to the licencing any business will be able to print copies on their own printers and provide copies to a local school/s. This will allow communities to raise money or sponsorship and ensure that their children have access to textbooks. FHSST will also work to find sponsorship opportunities to cover printing costs.

Step 6: Distribution

Besides local businesses sponsoring schools we would like to provide copies to the Mindset Project to distribute to their schools. We will also begin a publicity drive to raise awareness and money to print copies.

Step 7: Expansion

There are many other education initiatives which could benefit from a free quality textbook. Two we like are:

Namibian education initiative

Africa Foundation

There are many others!