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The gormits have not as much technical knowlegde as the humans and due to their natural strength they don't need that to win in a fight. But they still know the basics of mechanics and can build complex buildings. Most of there building material consist of plain natural resources like bones, wood, rough stones and coat.

Current thoughts of Gormits races design:
The Gormits will have a third resource, forage, which is their most important, and which they even need for buildings (coats). This resource can be gathered:

  1. at the beginning by building a hunting hut, which gatheres forage every n game cycles. A gormit worker can be placed in a hunting hut to shoot out of it. This is the only defense building the gormits have, and it's only a defensive building when there is a worker inside.
  2. After building a ranch, you are able to build grainfields, through which your workers can quickly harvest forage by ploughing the granefields. The harvested corn is brought to the ranch. Perhaps workers should also be able to hunt deer by right clicking on a forest after a ranch has been build. The hunted forage should be brought to the granefield again. There was also the idea that after a certain amount of time an animal like cows, sheep, etc. comes out of the ranch and can get hunted by your workers. This will be very difficult to code though.

Many of the Gormits' units need only one resource to be trained - forage. But therefor they need pretty much of it, so as Gormit you must get a good forage production working.
On the other hand the Gormits don't need much gold, and they also have no unit limit resource like accommodation or mana keep.

All in all, the gormits will be a people which does not require resources out of the map, but instead can generate their important resource forage on its own. The gormits shall be a very offensive building; that's why their only possibility of a defensive construction is putting workers into hunting huts.
The Gormits will perhaps be good rushers, too, because they have the best units of all races at the beginning of the game. (On the other hand, the elves are perhaps going to be a people, which can train the most units at the beginning of the game, which might be an even better condition for a rush)

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