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This page contains the whole storyline of the FCMP Fantasy Edition with all secret details. If you're not going to work on the Fantasy Edition, it won't be good to read these sensitive pieces of information.


The peace in Aleona is threaten by a great menace, which is going to eleminate everything what will stand in their way or offering resistance.

But the even greater danger is that none of the people really knows about this threat. Although there are omens, they are interpreted the wrong way, which leads to destructive conflicts within the human race even without the real menace appearing.

Diagna's Rise

Once Diagna was born. The moment she was born a meteor fall into the lake where her father - a fisherman - was usually fishing.

All people living in the near heard this strange sound and were wondering why there was a meteor - and why exactly at the same time as Diagna was born.

Diagna's parents soon realize, that her child isn't the same as all others. They realize, that her child has a great destination. She will once be something great, something very important. Perhaps she will even be part of the world history or even save mankind of doom.

They felt it and later Diagna felt it as well. She trained fighting and she was the strongest fighter in her region. So her parents decided to sent her(in the age of 16) to a military school of the Talimus kingdom - although there were only man in this army and there never was a girl/woman.

But before that her father once took her with him and showed her how to fish - on the lake the meteor crashed the moment she was born. Diagna suddenly felt a great power coming over her. In this meteor there were old magic powers now coming over to Diagna giving her power.

Then she travelled to the military school with her mentor, Talus Hocrace(65 years) (a normal level wizard) and two slaves.

They travelled some days without food and became very hungry. So they searched deer and shot them. But after they shot the deers and ate them, there were wolves coming out of the wood which were very angry. They had to kill these wolves.

After that they keep on traveling to the military school and finally find it. Diagna is learning very much there and after that she is taken into the army of the Talimus kingdom.

There she is for years now without special happenings. Diagna is now 20 years old.

Talimus Kingdom

The game takes place in an ancient world. Both the people of the Talimus Kingdom and the once from the Highlands live site by site in a relative peace. Long and bloody battels have been neccessary to form the border between both. This peace holds until once in a night something happened...

The lightning

Once in a sudden, there was a huge lightning. The clouds turned red and something fell out of the sky. From the kings palace it wasn't clearly visible what exactly happened, but it was clear that the thing has come down far in south.

The day after these happenings, the king formed a troop which should go and find out what has happend. Since they thought this thing had come down in highland territory, the troop went through it, which should turn out as a big fault.

The clans in the highlander took that as an act of agression. Even so they knew, that the thing hadn't come down in their territory, they thought it was a failed magical attack from the Talimus Kindom. So they formed their warrior clans to conquer the advanching Talim.

The war in the highlands
Highland Ambush

Soon after the Talimus troop entered the highlands the clans started their attack. Since the troop was small they were easily turned down. A few survivors managed it to return and report the attack of the clan. Without noticing the mistake both have made. The Talimus King ordered an attack on the highland clans. [...]


An image of the know part of the ancient world can be found here.

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