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20. Jul 2004
After almost year of idle time, Aleona project is coming back to developement. At the moment we have to convert all Aleona's files to work with Stratagus in version 2.1. If you want to help us in our hard mission, join us at #stratagus on Stay tuned!
10. Jul 2003
Aleona CVS is now ready, it currently contains all of FcMP, all stuff that doesn't belong there will get deleted soon.
10. Jul 2003
A proposal on how to continue and start developing Aleona's Tales as bean posted to the Aleona-Devel mailing list, you can read the proposal here or here.
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Aleona's Tales is a classic Real Time Stratagy game where you train large armies, build bases and fight huge battels against numerous opponents. Aleona's Tales is set in a uniq fantasy world and focuses around the stories in the ancient world Aleona, where all the games take place. Aleona's Tales will be divided into numerous chapters and subgames, where each should relativly self standing, while building a larger story around them. This division into subgames should ensure that playable version can get out in a reasonable timeframe without having players to wait forever until the 'large big thing' is ready. Both single player and multiplayer games will be provided.

Beside the goal to provide playable games and a surrounding story, Aleona's Tales also provides a huge repository of graphics, sound and music which can be used by other projects. The huge number of graphics is a remainder of the FcMP project from which Aleona's Tales has forked and which is now dead. Since the Aleona project will most likly not use all of the graphics which we currently have, it shouldn't be a problem if other projects make use of them.

Aleona's Tales is Free Software and covered under the GNU GPL. Aleona's Tales uses Stratagus as its underlying engine, which is already nearly fully up and running at this point, so that the Aleona project itself can focus on providing content mostly.

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