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Resources and Supplementary Materials

In Fall, 2010, I video-recorded my STAT 3743 course lectures as part of a team initiative at YSU to develop a distance education program in Statistics. There are a lot of challenges associated with something like that, particularly with respect to the integrity of the academic climate. It's a can of worms, to be sure. But I am coming to the opinion that it just might be possible to make it work, and R may very well be just the right tool for the task. We'll see.

In the meantime, the bottom line for you, the user, or the instructor, is a fair amount of supplementary resources. That means video lectures (in a bunch of FREE formats), scanned lecture notes, course outlines, source code for assessment materials such as labs, quizzes, and exams, blank versions that a person can modify for other courses, and all of it accompanies a FREE textbook, to boot.

The current place to find everything is here:

If the location changes then I will post any updates on this page. Not everything is finished; I will complete it as time permits. These materials are a work in progress so please excuse any roughness around the edges (it is astonishingly easy to forget to turn on that stupid microphone).

Author: G. Jay Kerns, Youngstown State University

Email: gkerns@ysu.edu

Created: 2018-08-30 Thu 10:48