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Installation Instructions

The Second Edition of IPSUR has grown to be more like an ordinary book than the First Edition was, but the IPSUR package still exists and is still supported. Do the following to get up and running with the IPSUR package.

Download the latest version of R

Choose a link below to download the latest version of R for your operating system from CRAN:

  • Windows Installation Tip: click the .exe program file to start installation. When it asks for "Customized startup options", specify Yes. In the next window, be sure to select the SDI (single-window) option.

Install the IPSUR package

Launch R and type the following at the command prompt ">":

install.packages("IPSUR", dependencies = TRUE)

Load the IPSUR package

Once IPSUR is downloaded and installed, it must be loaded into R. Load the package with the library function:


and finally launch your PDF viewer with


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