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Installation Instructions

The IPSUR textbook is a package vignette distributed via the CRAN contributed package, IPSUR. Do the following to get up and running with the IPSUR package.

Download the latest version of R

Choose a link below to download the latest version of R for your operating system from CRAN:

  • Windows Installation Tip: click the .exe program file to start installation. When it asks for "Customized startup options", specify Yes. In the next window, be sure to select the SDI (single-window) option.

Install the IPSUR package

Launch R and type the following at the command prompt ">":

install.packages("IPSUR", dependencies = TRUE)

Load the IPSUR package

Once IPSUR is downloaded and installed, it must be loaded into R. Load the package with the library function:


and finally launch your PDF viewer with


Installation of the development version

IPSUR development is hosted on GNU Savannah. Clone the entire Savannah revision history via Git with:

$ git clone git://git.savannah.nongnu.org/ipsur.git

To build IPSUR yourself, or a modified copy, first install the bookdown package in R. Next, use RStudio to start a New Project... with pkg/inst/doc as the root folder. The source code for all chapters is located in the pkg/inst/doc/Rmd directory. Make your changes, and Build Book.

Author: G. Jay Kerns, Youngstown State University

Email: gkerns@ysu.edu

Created: 2018-08-30 Thu 13:00