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Giving Feedback

I would be happy to hear any (most?) comments, suggestions, problems, questions, or requests that you may have about IPSUR. And if you would like to ask/say something, then feel free to contact me at gkerns@ysu.edu (home page).

For the First Edition I set up a couple of mailing lists on R-Forge, but almost everybody simply wrote me directly. Now that IPSUR has migrated to Savannah I set up some mailing lists here.

A few people submitted some issues and pull requests on GitHub which was pretty cool. I think that is the only thing I really miss about GitHub.

If you find a mistake in the narrative, if you have a suggestion regarding the subject matter, or if you have constructive criticism of the book, then please let me know. Before writing please bear in mind that regarding subjective matters I do pledge to amicably listen to - but I do not promise to agree with - everybody about everything. Moreover, the fact that IPSUR is FREE means that if you don't like something then you are FREE to rewrite it yourself. All that being said I would be delighted to hear about your experiences with the book, good or bad, in the classroom or elsewhere.

Author: G. Jay Kerns, Youngstown State University

Email: gkerns@ysu.edu

Created: 2018-08-30 Thu 10:48