Part II. The audio layer

The audio layer contains various objects related to audio processing.

Table of Contents

Utility functions
AgsSoundEnums — sound enumerations
AgsSynthEnums — synth enumerations
AgsSoundcardUtil — soundcard util
AgsSequencerUtil — sequencer util
AgsCharBufferUtil — util functions to handle char buffer
AgsLinearInterpolateUtil — util functions to linear interpolate
AgsFourierTransformUtil — fourier transform util
AgsFastPitchUtil — fast pitch util
AgsGenericPitchUtil — generic pitch util
AgsHQPitchUtil — hq pitch util
AgsPhaseShiftUtil — phase shift util
AgsFrequencyAliaseUtil — frequency aliase util
AgsAudioBufferUtil — audio buffer util
AgsVolumeUtil — Boxed type of volume util
AgsEnvelopeUtil — Boxed type of envelope util
AgsPeakUtil — Boxed type of peak util
AgsResampleUtil — Boxed type of resample util
AgsFilterUtil — filter util
AgsSynthUtil — synth util
AgsFMSynthUtil — frequency modulation synth util
AgsSF2Util — SF2 synth util
AgsSF2SynthUtil — SF2 synth util
AgsSFZUtil — SFZ synth util
AgsSFZSynthUtil — SFZ synth util
AgsLFOSynthUtil — low frequency oscillator synth util
AgsSynthGenerator — generate wave-form
AgsSF2SynthGenerator — generate wave-form
AgsSFZSynthGenerator — generate wave-form
Utility functions from Fluidsynth
AgsFluidUtil — fluid util
AgsFluidInterpolateNoneUtil — util functions to fluid interpolate none
AgsFluidInterpolateLinearUtil — util functions to fluid interpolate linear
AgsFluidInterpolate4thOrderUtil — util functions to fluid interpolate 4th order
AgsFluidInterpolate7thOrderUtil — util functions to fluid interpolate 7th order
AgsFluidIIRFilterUtil — util functions to fluid IIR filter
AgsFLUIDPitchUtil — fluid pitch util
Frequency utils
AgsFrequencyMapManager — frequency map manager
AgsFrequencyMap — Contains the audio data for a given frequency
Audio sinks and sources
AgsDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsDevin — Input from soundcard
AgsMidiin — Input from sequencer
AgsFifoout — Output to pipe
AgsWasapiDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsWasapiDevin — Output to soundcard
AgsJackServer — JACK instance
AgsJackClient — JACK connection
AgsJackPort — JACK resource.
AgsJackDevin — Input from soundcard
AgsJackDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsJackMidiin — Input from sequencer
AgsPulseServer — pulseaudio instance
AgsPulseClient — pulseaudio connection
AgsPulsePort — pulseaudio resource.
AgsPulseDevin — Input from soundcard
AgsPulseDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsGstreamerServer — gstreamer instance
AgsGstreamerClient — gstreamer connection
AgsGstreamerPort — gstreamer resource.
AgsGstreamerDevin — Input from soundcard
AgsGstreamerDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsCoreAudioServer — core audio instance
AgsCoreAudioClient — core audio connection
AgsCoreAudioPort — core audio resource.
AgsCoreAudioDevin — Output to soundcard
AgsCoreAudioDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsCoreAudioMidiin — Input from sequencer
AgsAudioUnitServer — audio unit instance
AgsAudioUnitClient — core audio connection
AgsAudioUnitPort — core audio resource.
AgsAudioUnitDevin — Output to soundcard
AgsAudioUnitDevout — Output to soundcard
The audio tree
AgsSoundProvider — provide accoustics
AgsAudioApplicationContext — audio application context
AgsAudio — A container of channels organizing them as input or output
AgsChannel — Acts as entry point to the audio tree.
AgsOutput — Output of AgsAudio
AgsInput — Input of AgsAudio
AgsRecycling — recycling container of audio signals
AgsAudioSignal — Contains the audio data and its alignment
AgsPort — Perform thread-safe operations
Storage objects
AgsNotation — Notation class supporting selection and clipboard.
AgsNote — note class
AgsAutomation — Automation class supporting selection and clipboard.
AgsAcceleration — Acceleration class
AgsWave — Wave class supporting selection and clipboard.
AgsBuffer — Buffer class.
AgsMidi — Midi class supporting selection and clipboard.
AgsTrack — Track class.
AgsPattern — Pattern representing tones
AgsPreset — presets
Fundamental recall types
AgsFxFactory — Factory pattern
AgsPlaybackDomain — Outputting to soundcard domain
AgsPlayback — Outputting to soundcard context
AgsRecallID — The object specifies run context.
AgsRecyclingContext — A context of recycling acting as dynamic context.
AgsRecallContainer — Container to group recalls
AgsRecallDependency — recall dependency
AgsRecall — The recall base class
AgsRecallAudio — audio context of recall
AgsRecallAudioRun — audio context of dynamic recall
AgsRecallChannel — channel context of recall
AgsRecallChannelRun — dynamic channel context of recall
AgsRecallRecycling — recycling context of recall
AgsRecallAudioSignal — audio signal context of recall
AgsGenericRecallChannelRun — generic channel context of recall
AgsGenericRecallRecycling — generic recycling context of recall
Audio thread - multi-threaded audio
AgsAudioLoop — audio loop
AgsAudioThread — audio thread
AgsChannelThread — channel thread
AgsExportThread — export thread
AgsSequencerThread — sequencer thread
AgsSoundcardThread — soundcard thread
AgsSF2Loader — load Soundfont2 asynchronously
AgsSFZLoader — load sfz asynchronously
AgsWaveLoader — load wave asynchronously
Audio MIDI - MIDI support
AgsMidiBufferUtil — MIDI buffer util
AgsMidiFile — the MIDI file
AgsMidiUtil — MIDI util
AgsMidiBuilder — MIDI builder
AgsMidiParser — the MIDI parser
Audio OSC - OSC support
AgsOscBufferUtil — OSC buffer util
AgsOscUtil — OSC util
AgsOscBuilder — OSC builder
AgsOscParser — the OSC parser
Audio OSC - OSC client
AgsOscClient — the OSC client
Audio OSC - OSC server
AgsOscServer — the OSC server
AgsOscConnection — the OSC server side connection
AgsOscMessage — the OSC server side message
AgsOscResponse — the OSC server side response
AgsOscController — base OSC controller
AgsOscActionController — OSC action controller
AgsOscConfigController — OSC config controller
AgsOscExportController — OSC export controller
AgsOscFrontController — OSC front controller
AgsOscInfoController — OSC info controller
AgsOscMeterController — base osc_meter_controller
AgsOscNodeController — OSC node controller
AgsOscPluginController — provide abstract OSC controller
AgsOscRenewController — OSC renew controller
AgsOscStatusController — OSC status controller
Audio OSC XMLRPC - OSC over XMLRPC server
AgsOscXmlrpcServer — the OSC XMLRPC server
AgsOscWebsocketConnection — the OSC server side WebSockets connection
AgsOscXmlrpcMessage — the OSC server side XMLRPC message
AgsOscXmlrpcController — handle OSC XMLRPC requests
Audio files - Reading/Writing audio data from disk
AgsAudioContainerManager — The audio container manager
AgsAudioContainer — Audio container input/output
AgsAudioFileManager — The audio file manager
AgsAudioFile — Audio file input/output
AgsAudioFileLink — link objects read of file.
AgsGstreamerFile — gstreamer file
AgsIpatch — Libinstpatch wrapper
AgsIpatchGigReader — interfacing GIG related API of libinstpatch
AgsIpatchSF2Reader — interfacing Soundfont2 related API of libinstpatch
AgsIpatchDLS2Reader — interfacing DLS2 related API of libinstpatch
AgsIpatchSample — interfacing Soundfont2 related API of libinstpatch
AgsSndfile — Libsndfile wrapper
AgsSFZFile — SFZ file
AgsSFZGroup — interfacing SFZ groups
AgsSFZRegion — interfacing SFZ regions
AgsSFZSample — interfacing SFZ samples
AgsSoundContainer — read/write audio
AgsSoundResource — read/write audio
Fx Engine - playback and recording
AgsFxPlaybackAudio — fx playback audio
AgsFxPlaybackAudioProcessor — fx playback audio processor
AgsFxPlaybackAudioSignal — fx playback audio signal
AgsFxPlaybackChannel — fx playback channel
AgsFxPlaybackChannelProcessor — fx playback channel processor
AgsFxPlaybackRecycling — fx playback recycling
AgsFxBufferAudio — fx buffer audio
AgsFxBufferAudioProcessor — fx buffer audio processor
AgsFxBufferAudioSignal — fx buffer audio signal
AgsFxBufferChannel — fx buffer channel
AgsFxBufferChannelProcessor — fx buffer channel processor
AgsFxBufferRecycling — fx buffer recycling
Fx Engine - pattern and notation
AgsFxPatternAudio — fx pattern audio
AgsFxPatternAudioProcessor — fx pattern audio processor
AgsFxPatternAudioSignal — fx pattern audio signal
AgsFxPatternChannel — fx pattern channel
AgsFxPatternChannelProcessor — fx pattern channel processor
AgsFxPatternRecycling — fx pattern recycling
AgsFxNotationAudio — fx notation audio
AgsFxNotationAudioProcessor — fx notation audio processor
AgsFxNotationAudioSignal — fx notation audio signal
AgsFxNotationChannel — fx notation channel
AgsFxNotationChannelProcessor — fx notation channel processor
AgsFxNotationRecycling — fx notation recycling
AgsFxDssiAudio — fx dssi audio
AgsFxDssiAudioProcessor — fx dssi audio processor
AgsFxDssiAudioSignal — fx dssi audio signal
AgsFxDssiChannel — fx dssi channel
AgsFxDssiChannelProcessor — fx dssi channel processor
AgsFxDssiRecycling — fx dssi recycling
AgsFxLv2Audio — fx lv2 audio
AgsFxLv2AudioProcessor — fx lv2 audio processor
AgsFxLv2AudioSignal — fx lv2 audio signal
AgsFxLv2Channel — fx lv2 channel
AgsFxLv2ChannelProcessor — fx lv2 channel processor
AgsFxLv2Recycling — fx lv2 recycling
AgsFxVst3Audio — fx vst3 audio
AgsFxVst3AudioProcessor — fx vst3 audio processor
AgsFxVst3AudioSignal — fx vst3 audio signal
AgsFxVst3Channel — fx vst3 channel
AgsFxVst3ChannelProcessor — fx vst3 channel processor
AgsFxVst3Recycling — fx vst3 recycling
Fx Engine - peak and analyse
AgsFxPeakAudio — fx peak audio
AgsFxPeakAudioProcessor — fx peak audio processor
AgsFxPeakAudioSignal — fx peak audio signal
AgsFxPeakChannel — fx peak channel
AgsFxPeakChannelProcessor — fx peak channel processor
AgsFxPeakRecycling — fx peak recycling
AgsFxAnalyseAudio — fx analyse audio
AgsFxAnalyseAudioProcessor — fx analyse audio processor
AgsFxAnalyseAudioSignal — fx analyse audio signal
AgsFxAnalyseChannel — fx analyse channel
AgsFxAnalyseChannelProcessor — fx analyse channel processor
AgsFxAnalyseRecycling — fx analyse recycling
Fx Engine - volume and envelope
AgsFxVolumeAudio — fx volume audio
AgsFxVolumeAudioProcessor — fx volume audio processor
AgsFxVolumeAudioSignal — fx volume audio signal
AgsFxVolumeChannel — fx volume channel
AgsFxVolumeChannelProcessor — fx volume channel processor
AgsFxVolumeRecycling — fx volume recycling
AgsFxEq10Audio — fx eq10 audio
AgsFxEq10AudioProcessor — fx eq10 audio processor
AgsFxEq10AudioSignal — fx eq10 audio signal
AgsFxEq10Channel — fx eq10 channel
AgsFxEq10ChannelProcessor — fx eq10 channel processor
AgsFxEq10Recycling — fx eq10 recycling
AgsFxEnvelopeAudio — fx envelope audio
AgsFxEnvelopeAudioProcessor — fx envelope audio processor
AgsFxEnvelopeAudioSignal — fx envelope audio signal
AgsFxEnvelopeChannel — fx envelope channel
AgsFxEnvelopeChannelProcessor — fx envelope channel processor
AgsFxEnvelopeRecycling — fx envelope recycling
Fx Engine - misc plugins
AgsFxLadspaAudio — fx ladspa audio
AgsFxLadspaAudioProcessor — fx ladspa audio processor
AgsFxLadspaAudioSignal — fx ladspa audio signal
AgsFxLadspaChannel — fx ladspa channel
AgsFxLadspaChannelProcessor — fx ladspa channel processor
AgsFxLadspaRecycling — fx ladspa recycling
AgsFxLfoAudio — fx lfo audio
AgsFxLfoAudioProcessor — fx lfo audio processor
AgsFxLfoAudioSignal — fx lfo audio signal
AgsFxLfoChannel — fx lfo channel
AgsFxLfoChannelProcessor — fx lfo channel processor
AgsFxLfoRecycling — fx lfo recycling
AgsFxTwoPassAliaseAudio — fx two pass aliase audio
AgsFxTwoPassAliaseAudioProcessor — fx two pass aliase audio processor
AgsFxTwoPassAliaseAudioSignal — fx two pass aliase audio signal
AgsFxTwoPassAliaseChannel — fx two pass aliase channel
AgsFxTwoPassAliaseChannelProcessor — fx two pass aliase channel processor
AgsFxTwoPassAliaseRecycling — fx two pass aliase recycling
Audio tasks - Data exchanged between Audio and GUI
AgsAddAudio — add audio object to application context
AgsAddAudioSignal — add audio signal object to recycling
AgsAddEffect — add effect object to context
AgsAddNote — add note object to notation
AgsAddSoundcard — add soundcard object to context
AgsApplyBpm — apply bpm
AgsApplyPresets — apply presets
AgsApplySequencerLength — apply sequencer length to delay audio
AgsApplySoundConfig — apply sound config
AgsApplySynth — apply synth to channel
AgsApplySF2Synth — apply Soundfont2 synth to channel
AgsApplySFZSynth — apply SFZ synth to channel
AgsApplyTact — apply tact to delay audio
AgsCancelAudio — cancel audio task
AgsCancelChannel — cancel channel task
AgsClearAudioSignal — clear audio signal object
AgsClearBuffer — switch buffer flag of device
AgsCropNote — crop notation
AgsExportOutput — export output task
AgsFreeSelection — free selection object
AgsLinkChannel — link channel task
AgsMoveNote — move notation
AgsOpenFile — open file task
AgsOpenSingleFile — open single file
AgsOpenSf2Instrument — open Soundfont2 instrument
AgsOpenSf2Sample — open Soundfont2 sample
AgsOpenSFZFile — open SFZ file
AgsOpenWave — open wave
AgsRemoveAudio — remove audio of application context
AgsRemoveAudioSignal — remove audio_signal object from recycling
AgsRemoveNote — remove note object from notation
AgsRemoveSoundcard — remove soundcard object of application context
AgsResetAmplitude — reset amplitude internal
AgsResetNote — reset note internal
AgsResetPeak — reset peak internal
AgsResetFxPeak — reset fx peak
AgsResetFxAnalyse — reset fx analyse
AgsResizeAudio — resize audio task
AgsSeekSoundcard — seek soundcard object
AgsSetAudioChannels — resizes audio channels
AgsSetBufferSize — adjust buffer size
AgsSetDevice — set device
AgsSetFormat — reset format
AgsSetMuted — set muted
AgsSetSamplerate — modify samplerate
AgsStartAudio — start audio object to audio loop
AgsStartChannel — start channel object to audio loop
AgsStartSequencer — start sequencer object
AgsStartSoundcard — start soundcard object
AgsStopSequencer — stop sequencer object
AgsStopSoundcard — stop soundcard object
AgsSwitchBufferFlag — switch buffer flag of device
AgsTicDevice — tic device object
AgsTogglePatternBit — toggle the pattern