Audio sinks and sources

AgsDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsDevin — Input from soundcard
AgsMidiin — Input from sequencer
AgsFifoout — Output to pipe
AgsWasapiDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsWasapiDevin — Output to soundcard
AgsJackServer — JACK instance
AgsJackClient — JACK connection
AgsJackPort — JACK resource.
AgsJackDevin — Input from soundcard
AgsJackDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsJackMidiin — Input from sequencer
AgsPulseServer — pulseaudio instance
AgsPulseClient — pulseaudio connection
AgsPulsePort — pulseaudio resource.
AgsPulseDevin — Input from soundcard
AgsPulseDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsGstreamerServer — gstreamer instance
AgsGstreamerClient — gstreamer connection
AgsGstreamerPort — gstreamer resource.
AgsGstreamerDevin — Input from soundcard
AgsGstreamerDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsCoreAudioServer — core audio instance
AgsCoreAudioClient — core audio connection
AgsCoreAudioPort — core audio resource.
AgsCoreAudioDevin — Output to soundcard
AgsCoreAudioDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsCoreAudioMidiin — Input from sequencer
AgsAudioUnitServer — audio unit instance
AgsAudioUnitClient — core audio connection
AgsAudioUnitPort — core audio resource.
AgsAudioUnitDevin — Output to soundcard
AgsAudioUnitDevout — Output to soundcard

Here are objects listed to interact your sound devices using ALSA, WASAPI, JACK, Pulseaudio or CoreAudio.