Fx Engine - pattern and notation

AgsFxPatternAudio — fx pattern audio
AgsFxPatternAudioProcessor — fx pattern audio processor
AgsFxPatternAudioSignal — fx pattern audio signal
AgsFxPatternChannel — fx pattern channel
AgsFxPatternChannelProcessor — fx pattern channel processor
AgsFxPatternRecycling — fx pattern recycling
AgsFxNotationAudio — fx notation audio
AgsFxNotationAudioProcessor — fx notation audio processor
AgsFxNotationAudioSignal — fx notation audio signal
AgsFxNotationChannel — fx notation channel
AgsFxNotationChannelProcessor — fx notation channel processor
AgsFxNotationRecycling — fx notation recycling
AgsFxDssiAudio — fx dssi audio
AgsFxDssiAudioProcessor — fx dssi audio processor
AgsFxDssiAudioSignal — fx dssi audio signal
AgsFxDssiChannel — fx dssi channel
AgsFxDssiChannelProcessor — fx dssi channel processor
AgsFxDssiRecycling — fx dssi recycling
AgsFxLv2Audio — fx lv2 audio
AgsFxLv2AudioProcessor — fx lv2 audio processor
AgsFxLv2AudioSignal — fx lv2 audio signal
AgsFxLv2Channel — fx lv2 channel
AgsFxLv2ChannelProcessor — fx lv2 channel processor
AgsFxLv2Recycling — fx lv2 recycling
AgsFxVst3Audio — fx vst3 audio
AgsFxVst3AudioProcessor — fx vst3 audio processor
AgsFxVst3AudioSignal — fx vst3 audio signal
AgsFxVst3Channel — fx vst3 channel
AgsFxVst3ChannelProcessor — fx vst3 channel processor
AgsFxVst3Recycling — fx vst3 recycling

Pattern and notation based multipurpose playback, capture or feeding notes to audio signals.

Plugins extending ags-fx-notation.