Fundamental recall types

AgsFxFactory — Factory pattern
AgsPlaybackDomain — Outputting to soundcard domain
AgsPlayback — Outputting to soundcard context
AgsRecallID — The object specifies run context.
AgsRecyclingContext — A context of recycling acting as dynamic context.
AgsRecallContainer — Container to group recalls
AgsRecallDependency — recall dependency
AgsRecall — The recall base class
AgsRecallAudio — audio context of recall
AgsRecallAudioRun — audio context of dynamic recall
AgsRecallChannel — channel context of recall
AgsRecallChannelRun — dynamic channel context of recall
AgsRecallRecycling — recycling context of recall
AgsRecallAudioSignal — audio signal context of recall
AgsGenericRecallChannelRun — generic channel context of recall
AgsGenericRecallRecycling — generic recycling context of recall

The fundamental recall types are related to effect processing.