Components / Programs to use performs the backup, is able to generate a configuration file for itself If you choose the option 'lateLinks' in, it will not directly perform all the necessary hard links and is therefore much faster, especially when storing via nfs. This program will check all your dependencies and generate the hard links. As a result, your backup will have the same structure as calling without 'lateLinks'. This program is also used to perform the replication of backups. Recovers files or (sub) trees from the backup uncompresses, restores all permissions and re-creates hard links like they were in the source. Analyse the versions of backed up files. Search with various criteria (rules) in the backup(s) Copies meta data to external media for backup eg. when traveling Merges backups on local media to central master backup Checks integrity of all files in the backup by recalculating the md5 sum of all files and comparing them with stored ones Checks Integrity of all unchanged files in the source directory by recalculating the md5 sum of all files and comparing them with stored ones Lists backed up directories (versions) with additional information (week day, age of backup) Delete old backups using the same rules as in This can be used to delete backups asynchronously. It can read the configuration file of You can use this program if you want to make a backup via nfs. It pings the server, mounts file system(s), calls and umounts the file system(s). It writes a log file and has a detailed error handling. Evaluates the disk usage in one or more backup directories. Convert (very) old backups to new format. Only use this if tells you to do.
linkToDirs copy / link directories to other ones
llt Shows atime, ctime and mtime of files. Allows you to show (multiple) log files. You can also write multiple log files to one. It is more robust than `tail -f`.

st...up is an abbreviation of storeBackup.

You can get a description of the options by calling the programs above with option '-h'.

Heinz-Josef Claes 2014-04-20