is part of the isolated mode / offline backups functionality of storeBackup. It copies the incremental backups made in isolated mode (see isolated mode / offline backups) and the description of back to the central backup repository.

based on configuration file: -f isolateConfigFile [-v] [--force]
                                  [-T tmpdir]

no configuration file: -i isolateBackupDir -b backupDir
    				    [-S series] [-v] [--force] [-T tmpdir]

--configFile / -f
The isolated mode config file which contains the new key called mergeBackupDir= which points to the original backupDir.
Force copying of files without listing backups to copy and prompting for acceptance
--isolateBackupDir / -b
Specifies the backup directory (on local media) where the isolated backups were made
--series / -S
If more than one series is stored in backupDir directory, you have to specify series you want to use for your local media.
--verbose / -v
Generate verbose messages.
--tmpdir / -T /tmpdir
Directory for temporary files, the default value is picked from the environment variable $TMPDIR. If it does not exist, /tmp is set as the default value.

Heinz-Josef Claes 2014-04-20