locates different versions of a file saved with This is the right program if you want to see how many different versions of a specific file exist and where a file with a specific content is located anywhere in a backup series.

If you want to make a more ``high sophisticated'' search depending on file names, sizes, dates or other stuff, have a look at -f file [-b root]  [-v]
        [-l [-a | [-s] [-u] [-g] [-M] [-c] [-m]]]

This program only accepts options on the command line. The only option you have to set is --file.

--file / -f
The name (and path) of the file in the backup. Write the file name exactly as it is written in the backup.
--backupRoot / -b
Normally there should be no need to use this option! When you restore a directory, does this by searching for which is in the root directory of each backup. If it finds more than one of these files it generates an ERROR message. This normally will happen if you make a storeBackup backup of a storeBackup backup and want to restore.
If you get an error message like ``found info file a second time ...'', you need to specify the root of this backup (where you recover with option restoreTree).
--verbose / -v
Print verbose messages.
--locateSame / -l
Locate files with the same contents in the backup.
--showAll / -A
same as -s -u -g -M -c -m
--size / -s
show the size (human readable) of the source file
--uid / -u
show the uid of the source file
--gid / -g
show the gid of the source file
--mode / -M
show the permissions of the source file
--ctime / -c
show the creation time of the source file
--mtime / -m
show the modify time of the source file
--atime / -a
show the access time of the source file

Heinz-Josef Claes 2014-04-20