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Skencil / Paying for Sketch

You can buy developer time for Skencil in multiples of USD 10.00 at the Intevation-page at Kagi. Other forms of payment may be arranged on request.

Intevation is my (Bernhard Herzog's) employer. The money will allow me to work on Skencil on company time. The more money comes in the more I can work on Skencil. I think this is a good way to contribute to Skencil's development for users who would like to contribute but don't have the time or skills necessary to do so in the more conventional fashion (from free software's point of view) of writing code or documentation.

Skencil is and will remain free software. Paying for the development is entirely voluntary. I will continue development of Skencil even if nobody pays, but development will be mostly limited to my sparetime.