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2006-03-28: Skencil mailinglists migrated to
The skencil mailinglists from Savannah are now migrated to Reasons for migration from Savannah to wald in general can be read here

Updated Information on the new mailinglists can be found on the mailinglist page.

2006-03-08: Debian Sarge Backport available
A backport for sarge is now available on

Information on how to to get this package can be found on download page.

2006-02-18: Daniel Baumann official Debian Maintainer
Daniel Baumann announced to take over the maintainership for Skencil's Debian package from Gregor Hoffleit. Daniel already uploaded a new unstable package into Debian and will also do a backport to Sarge. He got interested in Skencil by a friend.

To find the packages, as always: Use the download page.

2006-01-03: New Softproof plugin (colour management); updated Debian packages and screenshots
A happy new year to all Skencilers. Here is the roundup what had happened in the end of last year:

Tobias Hilbricht published a plugin which can be used to estimate colour in printouts. Check the Add-ons Page

Tobias also released new Debian packages which are now linked from the download page.

Two new cool screenshots for MacOS X have been added. Produced by Christian Ferber!

2005-10-30: New Gallery image: Anna04
A new drawing by Pavel Stovicek, "Anna04", has been added to the gallery. This drawing together with Pavel's other drawing "Stay with us" is now a separate Gallery section.

2005-09-20: Build notes for Mac OS X
Stewart Midwinter can use his favourite vector-based graphics program on his Mini Mac now. And he wrote down what you need to do if you want to be running Skencil on Mac OS X.

2005-07-12: New Binaries and request for packaging help
Binary packages for Suse, RedHat, Fedora and Debian can be found from the download page.

Still the Skencil Project needs more help with packaging. Debian is looking for a new package maintainer and other popular distributions like Mandriva or Ubuntu are lacking uptodate Skencil packages. Help us to bring the stable funcationality of Skencil to even more users: Lobby for nicely configured packages in your favourite distribution.

2005-06-19: New stable version, Skencil 0.6.17

Changes since 0.6.16:

  • Support for Python 2.4
  • The .sk file format is now the default file format in the File/Open dialog.
  • Bug fixes

See the release notes for more details. Sources are available from the download page.

2005-03-10: Experimental binary packages for 0.6.17pre3
Experimental binary packages for Skencil 0.6.17pre3 have been made: Give those packagers some feedback! ;-)

2005-01-20: Waratah plant drawing new in gallery

The gallery section grew a waratah plant drawn by Tobias Hilbricht.

2004-12-06: German Manual updated.
Tobias Hilbricht has updated his German Skencil Manual.

2004-11-11: Screenshots updated; BuildImage 1.0 .
Skencil is more than a screenshot tiger. To prove this, we doubled the number of available screenshots. Tell your friends and waste some bandwidth!

Terry Hancock released 1.0 of his unique BuildImage system, which allows Skencil drawings to be used as sources in automated build systems with several graphic targets.

2004-09-28: New Add-ons turn in: skLaTeX, Calendar, Equal-area projection, PolygloText, Autoshapes.

The last four weeks have seen a bunch of new add-ons announced by Joel Biddier (skLaTeX), KAJIYAMA Tamito (Calendar, Equal-area projection, PolygloText) and Christof Ecker (Autoshapes). Check the Add-ons Page

2004-03-04: Skencil RPMs for Red Hat 7.3 - 9 and Fedora Core 1 available

Axel Thimm has added Skencil and PIL (Python Imaging Library) to his ATrpms apt / yum repository. Check the download page.

2004-01-31: New Gallery Section

There's a new section in the gallery with drawings by Joel Biddier.

2004-01-17: New stable version, Skencil 0.6.16

Changes since 0.6.15:

  • New name: "Skencil".
  • New look with new icons by Taiabati.
  • Support for Python 2.3
  • WMF export, Updated CGM filters (Antoon Pardon, Lukasz Pankowski)

See the release notes for more details. Sources are available from the download page.

2004-01-03: New Name: Skencil

"Bernhard Herzog's Sketch" will be renamed to Skencil. On October the 4th "Skencil" was selected as new name after a short search. The name was suggested by Frank Koormann.

2003-11-18: Windows version available

Joonas Paalasmaa has done a Windows version of Skencil's development branch.

2003-11-01: New Gallery Images

The gallery has two new drawings by André Pascual and new section with drawings by Stéphane Joly

2003-06-07: New Addon: PathStroke by Simon Budig

PathStroke traces the outline of bezier path objects with a second path. This can be used to quickly draw a bezier shape and then vary the line thickness locally to get more "natural" effects.

Right now the resulting path might intersect itself when the source path has very sharp curves, overlaps itself or has edge-anchors. However, the resulting path might be used as a starting point.

Check out

(newsitem written by S. Budig)

2003-05-17: New Addon: BuildImage by Terry Hancock

BuildImage can help you to maintain raster images from a sketch master. It can be used like "make" to keep bitmaps uptodate regarding their vector "source".

Check out the BuildImage Tutorial.

(newsitem added by B.Reiter)

2003-02-07: New development version, 0.7.12.

More information on the development page.