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The Skencil Project is looking for packaging help. We hope to provide current binary packages for many systems from this page or point people to the packages for their distribution.

Unstable binaries might be available from the development page.


You can download Skencil either in source form or as binaries. Please note that Skencil needs some additional software to run, some of which is probably not yet installed on your system. See below for more information.


Tarball: skencil-0.6.17.tar.gz

The tarball contains installation instructions and some documentation.
For building on Mac OS X, see Running Skencil on Mac OS X by Stewart Midwinter.

Binaries (current)

Fedora Core 4,3,2,1; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4,3 and Red Hat 9,8

Axel Thimm has picked up Skencil for in his ATrpms apt / yum repository. You might want Skencil and PIL.


Daniel Baumann is the maintainer for the Skencil Debian packages.

A backported package for sarge is available on

Add the following line to your sourcelist:
deb sarge-backports main

Thanks to Gregor Hoffleit (former Debian Maintainer).

Suse 9.2 9.1 9.0 8.2

Joel Biddier offers Suse packages and nice installation tutorials. Hint: Check out the blue links at the top.

Binaries (older)

Mandriva (former Mandrake)

Mandriva ships Skencil packages, at least you can get them from their cooker and the mirrors. At time of writing (January 2006) Mandriva only has 0.6.16 "skencil" and the fonts are missconfigured. There is a solution outlined in Mandriva Issue#20899. Please also vote for the pledge to packages the lastest version: Mandriva Issue#20673.

Red Hat 7.x

i386: sketch-0.6.15-1-rh7x.i386.rpm
i686: sketch-0.6.15-1-rh7x.i686.rpm

Red Hat 8.x

i386: sketch-0.6.15-1-rh8x.i386.rpm
i686: sketch-0.6.15-1-rh8x.i686.rpm

All RPMs were built by Andy Grimberg.


Sketch 0.6.14 for Slackware 8.1
More Slackware packages

All the Slackware packages were built by Jeffrey Boser. If there are problems, you can reach him at

SuSE 6.x and Red Hat 6

(You also need the Python Imaging Library)

This is a relocatable rpm that by default installs Sketch into /usr/bin, /usr/lib/sketch-0.6.12/ and /usr/doc/packages/sketch/. If you want to install it somewhere else, use rpm's --prefix option.

The RPM was built on a RedHat 6 system.

SuSE 7.2

Marcel Ritter has contributed a binary RPM for SuSE 7.2 on i386.

SuSE 7.1

Marcel Ritter has contributed a binary RPM for SuSE 7.1 on Sparc.

Red Hat 7

Michael Walton has provided some RPMs specifically for Red Hat 7. Please have a look at the README:

Linux PPC

Eric Marston has contributed a Binary RPM of Sketch 0.6.10 for Linux PPC. Newer versions may be available in Linux PPC's contrib section


Philipp Reisner has contributed an RPM of Sketch 0.6.5 for Alpha Linux.

Other software

Python and Python Extensions

The python interpreter is not included in the Skencil sources. You have to download and install it separately. You need at least version 1.5.1.

In addition to the interpreter itself, you need the Python Imaging Library (PIL).


If you want to compile python yourself, download the sources of the interpreter and the PIL:

If you want to use the SVG import filter, you also need the Python XML package. This package is optional, you don't need it for anything other that the SVG import filter.

If you want to use the PDF export filter, you also need reportlab. This package is optional, you don't need it for anything other than the PDF export filter.

GNU/Linux Distributions:

Most recent Linux distributions include a suitable Python interpreter but not the PIL. Some distributions split the Python interpreter into several packages. You need to install the packages that install the interpreter proper and the Tk interface Tkinter. If you want to compile Skencil or the PIL yourself, you may also have to install a 'python-devel' package.

Red Hat

7.x: python-imaging-1.1.3-2ajg-rh7x.i386.rpm
8.x: python-imaging-1.1.3-2ajg-rh8x.i386.rpm

Both RPMs were built by Andy Grimberg.


PIL 1.1.3 (Slackware 8.1)
Other Slackware packages

All the Slackware packages were built by Jeffrey Boser. If there are problems, you can reach him at


It is likely that you have this already, but if not, you can get it from

Any version from 8.0 to 8.3 should work.