Python Module Index

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adjacency A class for storing and handling adjacency tables.
apps pyFormex application loading.
arraytools A collection of numerical utilities.
attributes Attributes
candy Predefined geometries for a special purpose.
cmdtools pyFormex command line tools
collection Tools for handling collections of elements belonging to multiple parts.
colors Playing with colors.
config A general yet simple configuration class.
connectivity A class and functions for handling nodal connectivity.
coords A structured collection of 3D coordinates.
coordsys Coordinate Systems.
curve Handling curves in pyFormex
database A simple Database class
elements Definition of elements for the :class:`~mesh.Mesh` model
field Field data defined over a geometry.
fileread Read geometry from files in a number of formats.
filewrite Write geometry to file in a whole number of formats.
flatkeydb Flat Text File Database.
formex Formex algebra in Python
geometry A generic interface to the Coords transformation methods
geomfile Export/import of files in pyFormex's native PGF format
geomtools Basic geometrical operations.
    gui.appMenu Menu with pyFormex apps.
    gui.colorscale Mapping numerical values into colors.
    gui.dialogs Specialized dialogs for the pyFormex GUI.
    gui.draw Create 3D graphical representations.
    gui.drawlock A locking mechanism for the drawing functions.
    gui.guifunc GUI support functions.
    gui.guimain Graphical User Interface for pyFormex.
    gui.image Saving OpenGL renderings to image files. Menus for the pyFormex GUI.
    gui.pyconsole Interactive Python interpreter for pyFormex.
    gui.qtcanvas Interactive OpenGL Canvas embedded in a Qt widget.
    gui.qtgl Qt OpenGL format
    gui.qtutils General Qt utility functions.
    gui.signals Definition of our own signals used in the GUI communication.
    gui.toolbar Toolbars for the pyFormex GUI.
    gui.viewport Multiple OpenGL viewports in a Qt widget.
    gui.views Predefined camera viewing directions
    gui.widgets Widgets and dialogs for the pyFormex GUI
inertia Compute inertia related quantities of geometrical models.
    lib.clust Point based clustering module.
    lib.clust_c Accelerated cluster optimization
    lib.misc_c Miscellaneous accelerated low level functions.
    lib.misc_e Python equivalents of the functions in :mod:`lib.misc_c`
    lib.nurbs_c Accelerated NURBS functions
    lib.nurbs_e Python equivalents of the functions in lib.nurbs_c
main pyFormex main module
mesh Finite element meshes in pyFormex.
multi Framework for multi-processing in pyFormex
mydict Extensions to Python's built-in dict class.
olist Some convenient shortcuts for common list operations.
    opengl.actors OpenGL Actors. OpenGL camera handling
    opengl.canvas This implements an OpenGL drawing widget for painting 3D scenes.
    opengl.canvas_settings This modules defines the CanvasSettings class
    opengl.decors Decorations for the OpenGL canvas.
    opengl.drawable OpenGL rendering objects for the new OpenGL2 engine.
    opengl.matrix opengl/
    opengl.objectdialog Interactive modification of the rendered scene
    opengl.renderer opengl/
    opengl.sanitize Sanitize data before rendering.
    opengl.scene This implements an OpenGL drawing widget for painting 3D scenes.
    opengl.shader OpenGL shader programs
    opengl.textext Text rendering on the OpenGL canvas.
    opengl.texture Texture rendering.
options pyFormex command line options
path Object oriented filesystem paths.
    plugins.bifmesh Vascular Sweeping Mesher
    plugins.cameratools Camera tools
    plugins.ccxinp Interface with Abaqus/Calculix FE input files (.inp).
    plugins.datareader Numerical data reader
    plugins.dicomstack Convert bitmap images into numpy arrays.
    plugins.dxf Read/write geometry in DXF format.
    plugins.fe Finite Element Models in pyFormex.
    plugins.fe_abq Export finite element models in Abaqus\ |trade| input file format.
    plugins.fe_post A class for holding results from Finite Element simulations.
    plugins.gts_itf Operations on triangulated surfaces using GTS functions.
    plugins.http_server Local http server and html file viewer
    plugins.imagearray Convert bitmap images into numpy arrays.
    plugins.isopar Isoparametric transformations
    plugins.isosurface Isosurface: surface reconstruction algorithms
    plugins.lima Lindenmayer Systems
    plugins.neu_exp Gambit neutral file exporter.
    plugins.nurbs Using NURBS in pyFormex.
    plugins.objects Selection of objects from the global dictionary.
    plugins.partition Partitioning tools
    plugins.polygon Polygonal facets.
    plugins.polynomial Polynomials
    plugins.postproc Postprocessing functions General framework for attributing properties to geometrical elements.
    plugins.section2d Some functions operating on 2D structures.
    plugins.tetgen Interface with tetgen
    plugins.turtle Turtle graphics for pyFormex
    plugins.units A Python wrapper for unit conversion of physical quantities.
    plugins.web Tools to access files from the web
    plugins.webgl View and manipulate 3D models in your browser.
polygons Polygon meshes.
process Executing external commands.
pzffile A multifunctional file format for saving pyFormex geometry or projects.
script Basic pyFormex script functions
simple Predefined geometries with a simple shape.
software Detecting and checking installed software
timer Timer class.
trisurface Operations on triangulated surfaces.
utils A collection of miscellaneous utility functions.
varray Working with variable width tables.