pyFormex Documentation

This is the pyFormex 3.4 documentation, last updated on Nov 21, 2023.

These documents are to become a full documentation set for the installation and use of the pyFormex software. However, as pyFormex is still under active development, so is this documentation: it therefore is by no means final and complete; it does not even pretend to be accurate for any version of pyFormex.

However, since partial documentation is better than none, we decided to make this preliminary version available to the general public, to ease the use of pyFormex. The pyFormex reference manual is automatically generated from the docstrings in the Python source, so that might best reflect the latest development version of the software. The Introduction to pyFormex, Installing pyFormex, pyFormex tutorial are also fairly complete and useable. The pyFormex user guide and pyFormex example scripts are still in an embryonal state but may already contain valuable information for some users.

The new documentation is available in HTML format for interactive browsing. A PDF version of the full documentation set can be downloaded from our FTP server. From the pyFormex GUI, a local version of the HTML documentation may be accessible from the Help menu.

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