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There are serveral different lists, with 2 list types, and serveral list catagories. Lists can either be: URL based, word / phrase based, or code based at current. Lists are either blacklists or whitelists. Whitelist contain content that should be promoted and not blocked, specifying the boundries of blocking. While blacklists specify what should be definately blocked. Catagories are at last update of this page as follows(to improve upon please discuss in the forum or check the cvs for the most current list structure):

  1. URLs / URIs
    1. Whitelist
    2. Blacklist
      1. Pornography
      2. Hate
      3. Violence
      4. Cults
  2. Word / Phrase
    1. Whitelist
      1. Math
      2. Science
      3. Common Language
    2. Blacklist
      1. Hateful Wording
      2. Violence
      3. Criminal Acts
      4. Pornographic or Adult Textual Content
  3. Code
    1. Blacklist
      1. Basic Virus / Virii Instructions
      2. JavaScript Hacks
      3. Agressive Pop-up Ad code

Probity uses the following catagories listed some examples are listed along with each one.
* Blacklist
- Pornographic: pay sites, picture communities, adult verification services
- Hate: general, hate cults, discrimination
- Violence: gore, blood spills, explosions, devalued nature, devalued plant life, devalued animal life, devalued human life, devalued property
- Agressive: virii (viruses), backdoors, spyware, hacks and cracks, unmerrited ads (extreme case, a pornographic animation on a kid site)

* Whitelist
- Education: prekindergarden, k-12, graduate, aftergraduate
- Science: chemistry, biology, physics, subatomics, relativity, gravity, chaos theory
- Math: fundemental, algebra, triganometry, geometry, calculus, statistics
- Art: visual, audatory, physical, scented, conisourious (taste)
- Philosophy: morals & ethics, politics, religon & belief

Probity Filter System

The filter system for probity is unique in that it is both proactive and reactive, meaning that it both has lists for content what content to block and what content to protect. Even more so it is design to allow both blocking and protecting on the same site.

Each record is separated by a <newline> character, the the unix ?CR? character ASCII code number ??? or hexidecimal number 0x??.

Each field is separated by a <tab> character, ASCII code number ??? or hexidecimal code 0x09.

URL/URL <tab> weight <tab> date of creation <tab> date of update <tab> date of expiration <tab> catagory number <newline>

URI - Uniform Resource Indentifier

This is set using a one way encryption technique and sorted by incrementally the character set allowed is from hexidecimal 0x20 thru 0x7e, ASCII code number



The weight is used to modify the records "weight" on blocking. It can be used to help modify the expiration date. The weight is a number formated as follows #.## any number from 0.00 to 9.99

Date of creation, update and expiration

These dates describe what they are named after and are formated as follows MM/DD/YYYY so an example is 01/30/1800

Catagory Number

These numbers are used to catagorize the library's list entries. Formated as 9 numberal digits ######### which means it can range from 000,000,000 to 999,999,999 combinations

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