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Safe Internet for Children

SafeSurf -
ESRB ratings system?

Operating Systems

FreeDOS - A free dos replacement.
GNU / Linux - An open source, posix compliant, unix operating system, made of the unix kernel and the GNU software set.
Linux Redhat - One of the many linux distubutions.
BeOS - Another operating system that was bought up by palmOS and now redone open source.
MacOS - An operating system done by apple inc and now has gone unix since version X (10), also partially open source.
Amigas -
Windows - an operating system done by the microsoft corporation, closed source...

http 1.0/1.1 ?NG? 0.9? - hypertext transfer protocol
ftp? - file transfer protocol
https encyption methods supported? hypertext secure transfer - using different encryption techniques
[aim chat] Oscar / Others AOL now aol time warner
[icq chat] Versions AOL now aol time warner
[irc chat] RFC ??? IRC I vs II?
[yahoo chat] who what?

Privacy Rights Advocacy

File Types
html - a textual document language started by researchers.
pdf - a multiplatofm document format create by adobe
doc - a document format owned by microsoft
raw text - plain text using a byte system called ASCII
wml - wireless mark up language
xml - eXtensible Mark up Language
gif - graphic interchange format? patent owned by IBM and ???
jpeg - JPEG picture group
png - an open picture technique with compression better then jpg and gif availible with many more software features
bmp - bitmap format invented by microsoft and ibm
icon - a bitmap archive format used by windows to create pictures used to click on in a GUI.
targa - a picture interchange format
shockwave / flash - vector picture animation suite engineered by developers from macromedia
javascript - a kind of programming langualge that can be used to interact with html there are several of shot varieties
java - a multi-platform progamming and run time enviroment made by sun and re-engineered another compatible suite by ibm?
and other basic web files... like rich text format (RTF)

c / c++ - a intermediete level programming language
perl - practical extraction and report language, a combination of features from many programming languages making its own. Commonly used on the web.
php - pre-processed hypertext language made to be used with hypertext.
html - HyperText Mark up Language -
wml - wireless markup language
javascript - emca script, jscript, javascript, mocha/mocha-script

Scripting  Languages

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