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Reference notes and dictionaries

crack \Crack\ - 1. Mental flaw; a touch of craziness; partial insanity; as, he has a crack.

2. A crazy or crack-brained person. [Obs.]

3: pass through, as through a barrier

\FY er wol\ - 1. A fireproof wall used as a barrier to prevent the spread of fire.

2. Computer Science. Any of a number of security schemes that prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to a computer network or that monitor transfers of information to and from the network.

\Gate"way`\, n - Software or hardware that enables communication between computer networks that use different communications protocols. Also called router

\hack\ - 1. Informal. To alter (a computer program): hacked her text editor to read HTML

<operating system> ("Linus Unix") /li'nuks/ (but see below)
An implementation of the Unix kernel originally written
from scratch with no proprietary code.

The kernel runs on Intel and Alpha hardware in the general
release, with SPARC, PowerPC, MIPS, ARM, Amiga,
Atari, and SGI in active development. The SPARC, PowerPC,
ARM, PowerMAC - OSF, and 68k ports all support shells,
{X} and networking. The Intel and SPARC versions have
reliable symmetric multiprocessing.

Work on the kernel is coordinated by Linus Torvalds, who holds
the copyright on a large part of it. The rest of the
copyright is held by a large number of other contributors (or
their employers). Regardless of the copyright ownerships, the
kernel as a whole is available under the GNU General Public
License. The GNU project supports Linux as its kernel until
the research Hurd kernel is completed.

\PRO-buh-tee\, noun:
Complete and confirmed integrity; uprightness.

"Unless some light is shed on shady dealings and some probity restored, more young lives will be blighted and careers choked off."
--Norman Lebrecht, Who Killed Classical Music?

\PRO-buh-tee\, noun: Proxy - Software that connects other computers to another network, usually the internet or computer identification.

\RED-hat\ Red Hat Inc. was founded in 1994 by visionary entrepreneurs Bob Young and Marc Ewing. Open source is the foundation of therebusiness model. It represents a fundamental shift in how software is created. The code that makes up there software is available to anyone. Developers who use the software are free to improve the software.

\-<operating system, tool> A Unix package-management system
that helps installation of software packages; similar to an
install program.

\PRO-buh-tee\, noun: Server - Software that provides a servives, a server, can refer to an entire computer, cluster(s) of computers, or one service on a computer.



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