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August 4th, 2005
Criawips released
August 4th, 2005
Criawips 0.0.10 released
November 3rd, 2004
Criawips 0.0.8a released
November 2nd, 2004
Criawips 0.0.8 released
September 9th, 2004
Criawips 0.0.7 released

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Criawips supports text editing

Since version 0.0.10, criawips supports text editing. It's yet very basic, but it's going to be improved pretty much with the next releases.

This was the first big step towards creating presentations with criawips. Now the editing capabilities are going to be improved and then we can work on the template infrastructure to provide layouting. want to see more?

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Criawips aims to become a full featured presentation application that offers the perfect platform both for small presentations used to explain a few things to other people and for big presentations used for commercial presentations.

Thus it should become easy to use, provide a good integration with other applications to become a presentation platform that can compete with commercial applications like MS PowerPoint, OpenImpress and Apple's Keynote.

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