Criawips 0.0.10 (August 4th, 2005)

Criawips 0.0.10

New Features and Fixed Bugs:
 * Text cannot get out of the slide
 * Improve reference counting and reduce memory leaks
 * Text is editable

User Interface:
 * F5 starts the presentation (just like in Powerpoint)
 * Keyboard navigation in text elements

 * Depend on GTK+ 2.6
 * Added a CriaLepton (a ref-counted kind of gquark)
 * Some code reorganization
 * Build the doc credits the way it's meant to be (thanks to Shaun)
 * Use G_DEFINE_TYPE(_WITH_CODE) more often

Application Translations:
 * en_GB: Gareth Owen
 * el:    Kostas Papadimas, new
 * es:    Luis Benitez Leva
 * nb:    Sigurd Gartmann, new
 * ne:    Pawan Chitrakar, new
 * no:    Sigurd Gartmann, new
 * nl:    Tino Meinen
 * rw:    Steve Murphy, new

User Manual Translation:

Criawips 0.0.9 (Unreleased)

New Features and Fixed Bugs:
 * Plug several memory leaks
 * Initialize preferences correctly (bug 156701)
 * The slide list implements the tree model completely (bug 157374)
 * Criawips can now save files (bug 158450)
 * The text pane doesn't force big window sizes when we have long window titles
   (bug 160720)
 * Open multiple presentations from a file chooser (bug 163172)
 * Don't quit the application when one of multiple main windows gets closed
   (bug 163175)
 * Added Font formatting
 * Presentations can now run automatically and in infinite loops
 * Automated presentations can be stopped and resumed
 * Disable Screensaver while running a presentation
 * Presentations can be opened by drag and drop
 * Added a user manual and make it translatable with gnome-doc-utils

User Interface:
 * Type ahead works in the slide list
 * Added focus handling for blocks renderers in the slide renderer
 * Added "save as" menu item
 * Saved files are now added to the recent items too
 * Added a busy cursor when opening a presentation, hide the open dialog
 * New presentations are now enumerated
 * PageDown can create new slides if you're at the end of a presentation
 * The slide list can be toggled on and off
 * The zoom list is in the toolbar now
 * Windows are restored in their size and position
 * The sidebar size is saved/restored
 * The zoom level is saved/restored
 * Display help for menu items in the status bar
 * Listen to GNOME's menu settings: menus_have_tearoff property,
   detach_menubars, detach_toolbars

 * Have a structure that contains background information
 * added renderer classes, so specific code for rendering a block/slide/
   background is in a specific class for this purpose
 * Added a debugging library that makes debugging a bit easier
 * Several generic code improvements
 * Depend on an external libgoffice
 * Build developers and document writers lists automatically

Application Translations:
 * cs:    Miroslav Trmac
 * de:    Frank Arnold
 * en_CA: Adam Weinberger
 * en_GB: David Lodge
 * es:    Francisco Javier F. Serrador
 * fr:    Adrien Beaucreux
 * hu:    Reviczky Ádám János, new
 * ja:    Takeshi AIHANA
 * nl:    Tino Meinen
 * pt_BR: Raphael Higino
 * zh_CN: Funda Wang

User Manual Translations:
 * de: Sven Herzberg, Frank Arnold, new