Criawips 0.0.10 bring the new development and improvements of the last 9 months. See Release Notes for 0.0.10 and
Criawips 0.0.8a
Criawips 0.0.8 brings a new UI, more translations, more features and a lot of robustness. Criawips 0.0.8a added a missing file needed to compile Criawips. read more...
Criawips 0.0.7
Criawips 0.0.7 brings translations, beauty and more robust code. read more...
Criawips 0.0.6
Criawips 0.0.6 improves the rendering of text elements to add some kind of zooming to the text elements. read more...
Criawips 0.0.5
Version 0.0.5 introduced some kind of slide preview inside of the main window. This marked the first step towards GUI based editing of presentations.

Developer's Source Tree

Criawips' source code is now located at the GNOME CVS Servers. People without a GNOME CVS account need to check out the source code this way:

cvs co criawips

People with GNOME CVS accounts check out the code with this command:

cvs co criawips

The source code can be browsed via GNOME's ViewCVS