Sorry, there is currently not much documentation, for the moment you can browse the doxyfied sources here and read the work-in-progress documentation.


The prototype is making good progress and all the game logic works out very well. You can currently trigger animations on specific events and use and combine objects, controll multiple characters and dialog support is also working. Currently still missing is pathfinding, support for npc characters and support for creating your own userinterfaces.


Even so Advent is currently quite useable, there are still tons of things that needs to be fixed, changed, planed, rewritten etc. Below is a list of features that I want to have in each version. The features up to 0.3.0 or 0.4.0 might be implemented in the near future, anything above that might probally never get implemented or might take quite a long time.


Experimental Prototype, goes to /dev/null when finished [done]


Clean rewrite of the prototype [mostly done]


Bugfix and cleanup of the prototype rewrite. Integration of the guile module system. Rewriting Advent to become guile modules and not an self running executable. Scenarios should each have a seperate namespace, etc. Make the advent modules independed from each other, so that they could be used for a text adventure or another rendering engine. Add pathfinding, multilpe interfaces, etc. to the engine. Add a more flexible animation system to the engine.

Rewrite the gfx engine to use ClanDisp2 to take advantage of OpenGL (alpha, pseudo 3D effects, etc.), it will still be 2D, no 3D for this version.


Some sort of GUI for creating the scenarios and the game content. Maybe with guile-gtk, libgtkmm, Qt or ClanGUI.


A new gfx engine, something along the lines of 'The Longest Journey' or 'Final Fantasy VIII', which means 3D characters and 2D backgrounds. cal3D might be usefull here.


GUI Tools for the 3D engine


Maybe additional support for real 3D scenarios with dynamic camera movements, etc. Lots of demo games, etc.

Copyright 1998-2003 Ingo Ruhnke, <>