May 20 2002 Moved Advent to Savanna, added .xcf sources for all images, added Retriever subdirectory
Mar 22 2002 No news, just an announce that Advent will get another major rewrite to replace all self-maint script bindings with automatic ones generated by Swig
Feb 14 2002 Added short ToDO
Feb 8 2002 Uploaded doxy-ied sources, you can find them here.
Jan 12 2002 Released a binary version of Advent 0.1.0, note that this is not a playable release, but only a proof-of-concept for the engine.
Jan 3 2002 Released Advent 0.1.0, this is the first release of the rewrite of the 0.0.x codebase. This is currently a source only release, binaries might follow later.
Nov 15 2001 Webpage redesign, not finished and it looks ugly in Netscape, but better than the last one.
Oct 27 2001 Added a screenshot of the advent rewrite
Aug 31 2001 Advent rewrite as started
Aug 31 2001 Some new sketches are available at:
Jul 16 2001 A release 0.0.5 is available here
It features cut-scenes, fade-in/out, multiple controllable characters and some more. The cosmos game is actually quite a bit playable.
Jul 4 2001 There are now daily (more or less) releases of advent (static binaries), you can find them here.
Jul 2 2001 A release 0.0.4 is available here
Jul 1 2001 A release 0.0.3 is available here
Jun 27 2001 A release 0.0.2 is available here
Mar 30 2001 Added some concept sketches
Mar 19 2001 Some new screenshots
Feb 4 2001 First official release (0.0.1)
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