Is this project dead?

You might wonder if this project is already dead, since there haven't been any updates for a few month. The answer is no, its still alive, but not in active development at the moment. Since I am busy which lots of other Free Software game projects, some of my projects, like this, have to wait a little longer to recieve updates and active development. But for sure I will come back to this one in a few month, weeks or when ever I feel the need and motivation for it.


Advent is, as the title says, a graphic adventure engine. So what does that mean? First of Advent is not an adventure game, you can't play Advent by itself, but you can create games with it or play around with the current prototype. The gool is to produce a relativ easy to use set of tools for creating and maintaining adventure games. Advent will be developed and run mainly on the GNU/Linux operating system, a Windows port might be follow later. Advent is distributed under GNU GPL.

For the current Advent prototype we will use ClanLib as the library for displaying graphics and sounds and Guile as its scripting language.

Copyright 1998-2003 Ingo Ruhnke, <>