An elegant music client for MPD.




Sonata is an elegant GTK+ music client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD). The latest version is

Sonata is licensed by the GPL and is free software. It has been forked from the unmaintained Pygmy project in order to fix bugs, introduce new features, and proceed down a different path.


- Expanded and collapsed views
- Automatic remote and local album art
- Library browsing by folders, or by genre/artist/album
- User-configurable columns
- Automatic fetching of lyrics
- Playlist and stream support
- Support for editing song tags
- Drag and drop to copy files
- Popup notification
- Library and playlist searching, filter as you type
- Audioscrobbler ( 1.2 support
- Multiple MPD profiles
- Keyboard friendly
- Support for multimedia keys
- Commandline control
- Available in 24 languages


Jonathan Ballet <>

Past developers:
Scott Horowitz <>
Tuukka Hastrup <>
Stephen Boyd <>