An elegant music client for MPD


Sonata source code is available here:  sonata-

     Archlinux: pacman -S sonata (James Rayner)
     Debian: Available in unstable (Michal Čihař)
     Fedora: yum install sonata (ecik)
     FreeBSD: In ports here (nivit)
     Frugalware: Package available here (Christian Hamar)
     Gentoo: Package is available in Portage (Andrej Kacian)
     OLPC: Bundle available here (Owen Williams)
     OpenBSD: In ports here (Vlad Glagolev)
     Pardus: Package available here (Gökmen Görgen)
     Slackware: Package available here (Wim Speekenbrink)
     Ubuntu: Package available here (João Pinto)

Sonata uses git for its development version control. You can clone the repository with:
     git clone git://
You can also browse the latest code on Github


PyGTK 2.12 or newer
GTK+ 2.12 or newer
python-mpd 0.2 or newer
Python 2.5 or newer
MPD 0.12 or newer (possibly on another computer)
gnome-python-extras for enhanced system tray support (optional)
taglib and tagpy for editing metadata (optional)
dbus-python for mmkeys, single instance support (optional)
GCC (building only)
python-dev (on some distros; building only)