Downloading libunwind

A complete open-source implementation of the libunwind API currently exists for IA-64 Linux and is under development for Linux on x86, x86-64, and PPC64. Partial support for HP-UX and Linux on PA-RISC also exists.

The source-code is released under the MIT open source license. In the normal spirit of an open-source program, we encourage contributions and enhancements to this library. Particularly we would like to see libunwind support for other platforms (linux and non-linux, support for other processor architectures).

Source code

Periodic snapshots of libunwind are available from the Savannah download area:
The latest released stable version is libunwind-1.4.0.tar.gz

GIT trees

GIT trees of the libunwind sources are also available. Developers are highly encouraged to use these, since it makes it so much easier to stay up to date with ongoing developments.

To fetch a copy of the latest source tree, use the following command:

    git clone git://

To browse the repository;a=summary

There is also an official github mirror. You are welcome to send pull requests there.