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For instructions on how to build libunwind, see the README file in the libunwind source tree. Some notes illustrating the use of libunwind can be found in the file doc/NOTES.

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C++ Exception ABI
This was originally defined specifically for Itanium, but in the meantime it's being used pretty much for all other platforms, too.
C++ Exception ABI Extensions
These extensions were defined by H.J. Lu with help from the GCC and Intel compiler teams to plug some holes which were not covered by the original C++ ABI spec and caused some compatibility problems.
IA-64 (Itanium) unwind conventions
See Chapter 11, ``Stack Unwinding and Exception Handling'' and Appendix B, ``Unwind Descriptor Record Format''.
DWARF-2/3 unwind conventions
See Section 6.4. Caveat: GCC uses an extended version of what is being documented here. Some of it has been documented as part of the Linux Standards Base, but much of it is currently ``documented'' in the form of source code, only.