Chapter 6. The node controller

Table of Contents

Type tag and parameters

The /node context path returns the value assigned to node. The response type tag matches the port value type held.

Type tag and parameters

The type tag of the request looks like following: ,s.

Table 6.1. Type tag description

index type indentifier value
#0 s Path is any valid accessor for properties or port value.

The path supports indices, ranges, wildcard or some even names as accessors. This 2 examples shows you the access to an AgsAudio port and AgsChannel:

  • /AgsSoundProvider/AgsAudio[0]/AgsMuteAudio[0]/AgsPort["./muted[0]"]:value
  • /AgsSoundProvider/AgsAudio[0]/AgsInput[0]/AgsVolumeChannel[0]/AgsPort["./volume[0]"]:value

The response contains as first argument of the type the tag the matching path. Followed by type or array of types requested. The requested value follows the path argument.